Hi. I'm Bill.

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Hi. I'm Bill.

Post  bladebreaker on 4/21/2008, 12:16 pm

Was looking at the official forums and trolling through all the guilds that have their section posted and this is the only one that interested me. Why?

1. No where does it say, "All Welcome!"
2. On the BOD main site it says, "Possibly the hardest guild to get in"
3. Small member list
4. Small member list
5. Seems like a good family because of the small member list
6. I am sick of hardcore guilds that i was in while playing wow and l2. (kind of generic but w/e)

Anyway, thats me, Bill (Bill Blade Breaker in game). Have a message queued with the guild masters so if all goes well I'll be sticking around.

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