TPing to guildmates and friends in general

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TPing to guildmates and friends in general

Post  Kat Sheffield on 4/2/2008, 8:49 pm

This is not a problem with any one member in specific, so I won't be naming names here. But this post is going to deal with an issue that I know a few people have been talking about. Of course, part of the reason that people join the guild is to have friends to play with. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, players want to work on their own. They might be talking in the chat, but otherwise they're somewhere lost in the game leveling or doing something else. Using the 'Go To' function to TP to people can be more than a little distracting when fighting a lvl 36 Seabeard or something along those lines. Also, I know that sometimes going to someone can cause the other person to lag terribly. So, for the future, please before TPing to anyone (either in the guild or people on your friend's list) always ask them if they would mind first. For all you know, the person that you're TPing to could be sailing on someone's ship that you've just joined uninvited - and we know how much we all hate that. Either ask in guild chat or whisper them before going. Also, once you get the ok, if the person that you are TPing to is already in the middle of fighting something, don't just jump into the fight. The guild itself is a big proponent against Rep Stealing, so pass the practice on. Thanks for listening on this one guys, this will help everyone! Laughing

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