We are aware of the problem

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We are aware of the problem

Post  LeonHullcrash on 3/18/2008, 7:53 am

Disney's favorite line... I bet you any money if someone sent in an email saying "Look my mother is to fat to get her stubby arms around her stomach to reach the effing keyboard you guys need to fix this so she can play."

Disney would say. "We are aware of the problem and we are working to fix it."

I mean it doesn't take common sense to tell you thats a bot replying to the thousands of emails they get daily. We pay for a product. They don't deliver. Something needs to change with how they take care of PR and fast. Not all of the people playing the game are 12 year old that are like ZoMFGZZ I juzed gotz BaNAed lYike WhoooaAAA 1337 Ye!111!!

Seriously some of us have an IQ Higher then 110 disney we know how you are running things. FIX IT.

"We are aware of th......."

Leon Hullcrash
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Re: We are aware of the problem

Post  Nell O'Bowers on 3/18/2008, 2:34 pm

Other than the lag that often gets me killed when I'm sailing, the errors that kick me off when the high seas are loading/I'm sailing/I finish sailing, when loading fails and I have to ctrl+alt+delete my way out, or when I lag and get beat to death by a veteran, I'm happy to say I have never had any problems with this game. Maybe you should send them a completely irrelevent message about a problem and see if you get the same response. If you did, you could hold it as proof that they don't actually try to adress our problems.
Nell O'Bowers
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