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Complete List of Emotes

Post  Kat Sheffield on 3/18/2008, 12:43 am

Ok, well, since I'm just picking through the forums, I know that not everybody is up to doing this, so here's something that I want to share. We all know about the basic emotes that were added to the game - dancing, clapping, sleeping, etc. But apparently there are lots more. So, here's a complete list, as far as I can tell of all the emotes. All you need to do to use them is type /_____ (whatever the emote is)

/sweep would read as : Kat Sheffield sweeps the floor clean
/meow would read as: Kat Sheffield meows like a cat
And so on.

Here's the complete list: (so far)
crazy, glare, help, thirsty, tired, dance, sigh, scared, 9000, sweep, bounce, blink, sleep, wave, laugh, ready, curious, bark, fear, chuckle, frown, shrug, jig, growl, sad, congrats, angry, roar, lol, kidding, arrr, hiss, no, smile, sorry, bored, clap, kneel, happy, flex, rofl, cackle, congratulate, nod, hello, drink, grats, confused, wait, wink, moo, hail, jk, yes, gasp, coin, flee, eat, celebrate, salute, vittles, giggle, search, bye, yawn, meow, cower, cry, hungry, greet, bow, impatient, tap, cheer, primp, goodbye, sry, grin, agree, amazed.

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