That's some crazy rep, yo!

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That's some crazy rep, yo!

Post  Kat Sheffield on 3/29/2008, 10:15 pm

ok, I first heard about this from Will who read about it on the man POTC Online site. Here's the condensed version. Basically, we all know that the max rep that we can get is 110 (when crewed, 100 if not). I know that I need more rep than that, so here's what to do. And by the way, I take absolutely no credit for the bulk of this information.

More hits = More rep right? Right.
So, in that vein here's what to do.
Take your little pirate somewhere and find them a nice Molusk, Brinescum, Gypo, or even Witchdoctor. Make sure that you have your hex shot ammo for your pistol with you.
Shoot at the little beastie until you drain their voodoo. Could be anywhere between 3 and 6 shots depending on the enemy level. You know that the voodoo is gone when the number over the enemy's head (this is their health/voodoo leaving their nasty little bodies) is no longer showing both a red and a blue number, but just a red. The blue number is their voodoo. Once the number is just red stop shooting them with hex eater, otherwise you're not only doing too much damage, but wasting your hex shots. The rest of the pattern is up to you. But basically, you want to use your weakest attack here, and make sure that you cycle through each weapon.

For example..
For cutlass, you want to use brawl and taunt and a single swipe. NO COMBOS.
For pistol, use whatever ammo you have that makes the least amount of damage. This is going to vary for everyone. The original thread suggests Silver - 20 silver bullets give them 110 rep.
For doll, use curse and chain, and poke if you only have one skill point in it. (They say 4 or 5 times of each give them 100 rep.)
For dagger, use throw dirt and a single swipe. Like cutlass, NO COMBOS. Also, use other daggers, but not viper's nest.
For nades, again, use whatever ammo you have that makes the least amount of damage. They suggest smoke, but go easy on those.
For staff, they say banish, I say just hit them with the little zinger shot (deals somewhere around 20ish damage - forget the name right now). With their suggestion of banish, I know this doesn't work for me since I have it maxed. But it might work for some, they say that using it 6 times gives 100 rep.

Just continue to cycle through all of these weapons. It takes time since the skills that you use have to cool down. The original poster says that he has gotten 548 rep on a level 38 Molusk, the highest that I got tonight was 277 on a level 37. But it's a work in progress. He says that his average is about 400 a pop. They also suggest that just as the enemy is about to eat it, hit them with life drain with the doll or viper's nest with the dagger. But that's up to you.

Tip: If you're doing this at Tormenta, crew up with someone so that you can take turns going back for ammo if you need it. And crew for that extra 10% rep bonus.

Eventually, the Powers That Be at Disney are going to fix that lovely little Kingshead glitch (as they did the first one on the stairs) then everyone actually has to go back to playing for real. However, Tormenta is also a fun place too. And here, you can get the same amount of rep that you would get killing a small group on Kingshead with only one enemy. Given, it take a little longer. But then there is also no cursing involved, complaining about that pesky glitch that glitches itself. Hope this helps everyone out. I know that it has me!

Happy Pirating!

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