Here's what we have to look forward to...

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Here's what we have to look forward to...

Post  Kat Sheffield on 3/18/2008, 12:22 am

Hey guys, this is a fairly interesting article that briefly fills us in on the direction that Pirates Online is going. If you don't feel like reading the full article here, here are two of the most interesting points

This summer, Goslin said more story will be added to the online world, including elements from the third Pirates film, At World's End.


We'll offer big expansions quarterly and provide smaller updates monthly.

So, who knows what this summer might bring. And as far as the updates go, February was this quarter's big update, next is summer. As for monthly updates, March was St. Patty's, more work on the Boss Battle, fixed a few glitches and such. Curious to see what April's going to bring. Maybe there will be rain...or pretty flowers on the field at Kingshead. Or...let me guess, more work on the Black Pearl Boss Battle.

As for the boss though, I'm not going to hold my breath. I assume that the very day that it launches the entire game is going to crash. Bleak, but most likely accurate.

"Pirates Online is closed for maintenance because the game took a giant crap again, our servers crashed and burned, and we screwed up, big time (again). We apologize for the inconvenience...please do not cancel your membership just yet. We cross our fingers and swear on a bottle of rum that our programers and developers are working around the clock (not counting meal times, cigarette breaks, trips to the potty, or visits to the local strip club) to address and correct this issue. We appreciate your patience in this mater."

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