A few words to live by in the Blades when asking for help

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A few words to live by in the Blades when asking for help

Post  Kat Sheffield on 5/5/2008, 2:45 am

This is an issue that needs to be addressed, so everyone please pay attention on this one.
Everyone here joined the guild so that we can get help and also give help to others. But remember this, and this is really a key point here: if you need help, remember to ask nicely, do not repeatedly spam the chat asking other members of the guild to help you - once is enough. And one key word to remember never, ever to use when asking for help: now. Unlike other guilds who say that leveling is not doing something, or that if you're leveling then you're not too busy to help another player... Well, we think that such a thing is doing something, and that you are busy when trying to grind your way through levels. So, if you ask for help and people can't jump to assist you, please understand and be patient. This is something that irks me to no end and thus why it needs to be touched on. If I, or any of the other officers, see any behavior that goes against what has been mentioned above, just know that this is grounds for immediate ejection from the guild. None of us play to be pestered. We get that enough when off the game. We come on to relax and have fun. And you should too. So if you're stuck on a certain part of a quest or whatever, just move on to doing something else and when someone is available they'll get back to you. But also, another use for these forums - if you are stuck on a quest, then post about it here on the forums, asking people for help, that would be a good way to catch a fellow guildie before they jump into something when they sign on.

Thanks to everyone who has read this. See you all in-game!

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