Quest Help: Pirate Lore - Digging up the buried pages

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Quest Help: Pirate Lore - Digging up the buried pages

Post  Kat Sheffield on 5/3/2008, 7:38 pm

This quest for the new Cutlass, like all digging quests, is a huge pain. You need to dig up 4 pages on Rumrunners, 4 pages on Kingshead, and then 8 pages on Cangrejos. Since this was so annoying to find the spots, I decided to take screen shots of where I found each one. Although, what was nice (and what didn't necessarily work on other quests) is that you can use the same digging spot each time, instead of running around the island trying to find others. Below are the screen shots, I tried to take them in a way that best allows you to see exactly where the chests are. If you still can't find them, just let me know.

Digging on Rumrunners. This is in the middle of the group of trees right by where the Dire Wasps and the Rumrunner's cache is.

Digging on Kingshead. Two possible spots here. Both on the Vet field in the far left corners once you run inside.

Digging on Isla Cangrejos. There are also two spots here, both relatively close to one another. When you port, these spots are to the left hand side, by the large cluster of rocks there. You'll see a Giant Crab hanging out, just by the water's edge.

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